About PNO

Pension Fund PNO Media is responsible for the pension schemes of approximately 375 companies and organisations in the Dutch media sector.  PNO Media makes investment decisions on behalf of some 30,000 members. As at May 2017, PNO Media managed assets with an approximate value of €5.8 billion euros.

pair[1]PNO Media is a non-profit organization which assigns all contributions to the pension fund  to maximise benefits for pensioners.
PNO Media’s board of directors is responsible for the investment policy of the pension fund. When taking investment decisions, the board considers the fund’s objectives and the overall composition of its assets in order to maximise returns whilst controlling risk. The fund’s strategic investment policy is based on the board’s assessment of these factors.

The fund is invested across a broad range of different asset classes (fixed income securities, alternative investments and equities) in order to diversify long-term risk through a varied portfolio, yielding maximum return whilst maintaining  an  acceptable level of risk.

Details of the investment policy, its implimentation and the fund’s performance are found in our annual report which can be downloaded from the Downloads page of this website.