Voting Policy

As an institutional investor, Pension Fund PNO Media has an interest in the efficient operation of financial markets. The compliance of businesses with generally accepted corporate governance principles contributes to the greater transparency and effective operation of the financial markets in which the fund is active as an investor.

In accordance with its stated fundamental principles, PNO Media monitors the value of its shareholdings and protects its financial interests by exercising the voting rights attached to the shares held by the fund.

PNO Media’s equity portfolios have assets of approximately €2 billion in value, and comprise on average positions in 800 companies located in many different countries across the globe. PNO Media has appointed EOS to exercise the voting rights of shares held by the fund, and to make decisions of how these shares should be best be voted in order to protect and enhance the long-term value of the issuing company. The voting recommendations made by EOS are based on the specific financial as well as extra-financial circumstances of the company, in combination with our Corporate Socially Responsible Investment Code, the PRI and the Hermes Principles.

PNO Media strives to be fully transparent about cast votes on behalf of the fund at shareholders’ meetings. Each quarter, we will report in summary on our voting activities on this website. In addition, we will also report how we voted on each resolution at the meetings of individual companies.

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