What is SRI

whatisSRI[1]Socially responsible investing is the integration of social, environmental and governance criteria into financial investment decisions.

As the administrator of a pension scheme, PNO Media has a fiduciary duty to its members to consider their financial interests above all other factors. However, at the same time, the pension scheme is an integral part of society and as such promotes the standards and values that apply within that society. We consider that our financial obligations towards the fund’s members need not be at odds with an investment policy that takes social, environmental and governance factors into account.

In its capacity as an institutional investor, PNO Media is considered to be a large and influential long-term share owner. As such, it is our policy to enter into a dialogue with companies in which we are invested, which in our view have scope to improve their actions to better promote sustainable business practices. As part of this policy we refrain from investing our member’s money in companies that recklessly harm the environment in which they operate.

Moreover, we believe that investing in companies with a sustainable attitude towards society, the environment and governance, contributes to the achievement of the fund’s long-term yield objectives.